2019 Call for Presentations

National Association of Hebrew Professors (NAPH)

International Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture

Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

June 24-26, 2019

Call for Presentations

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The Program Committee of the National Association Professors of Hebrew (NAPH) invites proposals for sessions or presentations on any aspect of scholarship or instruction related to Hebrew language, literature, and culture. We welcome proposals for individual papers, organized panels, colloquiums, or single-text roundtable discussions. Poster sessions on teaching Hebrew language and Hebrew literature and culture and workshops for Hebrew instructors are also encouraged. Cross-institutional preplanned thematic panels are strongly encouraged. Members initiating a thematic session can invite interested colleagues to join them on a panel or use NAPH’s email services for soliciting presentations. Panel organizers may choose the participants, but all proposals will be vetted by the conference committee.

 Deadline for Submission of all Proposals: December 15, 2018

Submission is online only. Link to submission portal is below.


Hebrew language and linguistics
Modern Hebrew Literature and culture, including Hebrew within a comparative context
Biblical, rabbinic, and medieval Hebrew language and literature
Teaching Hebrew as a second/foreign language
Teaching Hebrew literature and culture
Second Language Acquisition research applied to Hebrew
Technology in the Hebrew classroom


Please note that for the sake of clarity the submission guidelines for the upcoming conference have been modified and all abstracts must follow the specific information the conference committees are seeking and be placed in the rubrics provided on the registration portal.

As the number of sessions and panels is limited, the proposal review is selective and may exclude eligible submissions that do not meet the committees’ expectations or the program's scope.

For advanced graduate students we will offer an intensive workshop with leading scholars. Details will follow.

We expect organized panel submissions to demonstrate gender diversity as well as institutional diversity (no more than 2 participants from the same institution).


  • A pre-organized panel/session typically includes 3-6 presentations on a common topic or a single-text exploration. A proposal to be considered for a pre-organized session or a colloquium should be submitted by the panel coordinator and include:

1. The topic of the panel, name and affiliation of panel coordinator

2. A short description of the panel’s rationale/theme (up to 300 words, excluding title and bibliography). Abstracts that do not adhere to the limit will be rejected automatically.

3. Names of presenters the coordinator wishes the conference committee to consider as part of that panel.

  • Presenters within a pre-organized panel must submit their own abstracts separately following the instructions for an individual proposal mentioned below. This includes panel organizers who submitted a panel proposal and intend to present in the panel.     ​
  • Abstracts must be limited to 300 words, excluding title and bibliography. Abstracts that do not adhere to the limit will be rejected automatically.


To solicit panel participation, send the panel description to naph@naphoffice.org.

The title of the message should say: “seeking panelists for 2019 conference.”

  • Individual paper proposals should be submitted via our portal only and should follow the specific guidelines required for each area.
  • Abstracts that do not include all the required components or are otherwise lacking sufficient substance will be rejected by the conference committee, with no resubmission option.
  • Abstracts must be limited to 300 words, excluding title and bibliography. Abstracts that do not adhere to the limit will be rejected automatically.
  • Abstracts that are part of a pre-organized panel should be submitted as individual proposals and include the title of the panel and its coordinator’s name at the top of the abstract.
  • PhD students who have completed their course work are encouraged to participate in the conference as presenters and should provide the email of their advisor for approval.
  • Presentations in English and Hebrew are equally welcome in all disciplines. Abstracts should be submitted in the language of the presentation.
  • All presentations are limited to 25 minutes.
  • All proposals are subject to approval by the conference committee. Once an abstract is reviewed and accepted by the committee, the topic of the presentation, its language, and its content as reflected in the abstract are final, and no changes will be considered or permitted before or at the conference.
  • Proposals based on previously published or presented work will be considered only if the committee decides that the NAPH conference audience is generally unfamiliar with the work and/or that it can benefit the conference participants.
  • To be included in the program, all presenters will be required to pre-register for the conference and hold a current membership in NAPH.
  • Submission is done online only at the NAPH website (see below).



A limited number of student travel grants will be available for students at the advanced PhD level as well as to post-doctoral fellows. Those who wish to be considered should complete the final section of the submission form labeled “Graduate Students” and apply by December 15 as part of their submission form.


Deadline for proposals:

All abstracts and submission forms must be posted by December 15, 2018. The portal will close at 5:00 PM Eastern time. Late proposals will not be accepted.

For guidelines and submission in Bible or Post-Biblical Literature, click here

For guidelines and submission in Language and Linguistics, here

For guidelines and submission in Modern Hebrew Literature and Culture, click here

For guidelines and submission in Pedagogy, click here

After completing your abstract in accordance with the templates linked to above, click HERE to submit your abstract through the portal.

For more information, visit our website at: http://naphhebrew.org/conference/2019-naph-conference