NAPH Sessions at SBL

The program units for the NAPH sessions at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature are below and are available at SBL's website.


The National Association of Professors of Hebrew sponsors several program units at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The sessions serve to facilate discussion of the biblical text.

The upcoming Annual Meeting will take place in San Antonio, TX, November 19-22, 2016.

  • To view the program units scheduled for the upcoming Annual Meeting, please see units below or click here and search for "National Association of Professors of Hebrew".

NAPH is sponsoring seven sessions and three co-sponsored sessions.

I. Annual Meeting of Officers and Members.

II., “Giving Back: A Session in Honor of Ziony Zevit” on the occasion of the publication of Lema`an Ziony: A Festschrift in Honor of Ziony Zevit (Wipf & Stock 2016).

III, Theme:”Digital Teaching.” We invite papers related to internet/ digital course planning and instruction, geared toward Jewish history and culture, from the early biblical age to modernity.

IV,Guides for Perplexed Biblicists: How To Read and Interpret Historical Dates Based on Carbon-14 and Bayesian Statistics.

V., Theme: “Reading the New Testament as Second Temple Jewish Literature.” The session seeks to move beyond the standard backgrounds" discussion to consider how the New Testament is both reflective of and contributes to our understanding of Jewish life and thought in the days of the Second Temple.

VI,Theme: “Prophetic Literature.” This session will focus on critical and theological studies of the prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible, including the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve Prophets.

VII, The Hebrew teaching methodology session invites theoretical and practical presentations on the theme: Using Bible Software to Understand Biblical Texts.

Papers are solicited for three co-sponsored sessions with the “Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew” section: (1) “Mitigation and Intensification in Biblical Hebrew” (e.g. restrictive adverbs, modal expressions, deictic shifts, negative polarity items, rhetorical and conducive questions, conditionals, and oaths). (2) “Interrupted Syntactic Structures” (e.g. vocatives and terms of address, parenthetical remarks, sentence fragments, “scrambling” and ellipsis). (3) “Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew” (non-thematic session for papers applying linguistics to any topic in Biblical Hebrew). Contact Prof Jacobus Naudé ( for more information. 

The National Association of Professors of Hebrew is an Affiliate of the SBL. For additional information on the NAPH sessions, please contact the program unit chair, Zev Garber.

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