Fall 2020 Resources

Please share with us resources relevant to Hebrew in higher education (online Hebrew courses open to students from other institutions, faculty training opportunities, and the like): naph@naphoffice.org

  • The Jewish Theological Seminary will enroll external students in its fall Hebrew courses at all levels from Alef to Advanced, subject to availability of open seats. Courses will be taught synchronously using Zoom and Canvas. For information contact hebrew@jtsa.edu.
  • The University of Michigan is offering online Hebrew synchronous courses for true beginners (1st semester) and up to the intermediate mid-level (4th semester). We are also offering two intermediate mid and beyond courses:
    • The first is Advanced Hebrew (HEB 301) - this course revolves around the question of "who is an Israeli?", and takes on an historical overview of immigration to Israel.
    • The second is "The Spying Games" (HEB 410) and deals with the Israeli intelligence services from before the rise of the State of Israel to how the Mossad and Shin Beit are dealing with the global pandemic.
    • We are also offering an advanced level course - The Holocaust and Israeli culture (HEB 405) The course examines how the Holocaust has been represented and reckoned within stories, poems, artwork, plays and films, from World War II until recent years.

All these courses are open through Course Share for the BIG 10. Students outside of the BIG 10 can register as guests of UM through:  https://admissions.umich.edu/apply/other-applicants/non-degree-and-guest-applications  

If you have any questions, please contact Adi Raz at adiraz@umich.edu.

  • The University of Minnesota is allowing guest students to enroll in first, third, and fifth semesters of Hebrew instruction, taught synchronously. Information regarding enrollment can be accessed at https://ccaps.umn.edu/nondegree-guest-students; For information about the specific courses contact Dr. Renana Schneller, Director of Hebrew Language Instruction, at schne068@umn.edu.
  • The University of Texas at Austin has a number of slots open for visiting students in its Intensive Hebrew (HEB 601C) course, taught synchronously.  For enrollment information contact Ms. Jane Vo, UT’s Assistant Director of Admissions, (jane.vo@austin.utexas.edu). For information about the course, contact Anat Maimon (maimon@austin.utexas.edu), UT’s Hebrew Language Coordinator, or Esther Raizen (raizen@austin.utexas.edu).
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in an international research project 
    From Emergent Complex Syntax to Discourse Markerhood: The Hebrew Grammar-Body Interface in a Cross-Language Comparison

    An  Interactional  Linguistics project funded by the Israel Science Foundation focusing on the multimodal study of complex syntactic structures in spoken discourse will begin October 1, 2020, headed by Professor Yael Maschler. This four-year project will take place at the Department of Hebrew, University of Haifa, Israel, in cooperation with colleagues at the University of Helsinki, Finland, the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and Linköping University, Sweden. 
    For more information, please see the flyer HERE.

  • The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies of American Jewish University is offering students a chance to enroll in Biblical/Rabbinic Hebrew for reading comprehension, Intermediate and Advanced Hebrew grammar and conversation classes for the Fall 2020 semester, which begins on Monday, August 31, 2020. To request a Hebrew placement test, or more information, please contact Rob Evans, at rob.evans@aju.edu