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Upgrades the Hinneh – Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way E-Book

NEW Hinneh E-Tool Box in COLOR

By Rahel Halabe (Jerusalem, The Hebrew University Magnes Press) 

Color coding has been one of Hinneh’s essential methods of effectively imparting the complex Biblical Hebrew verb system.  This method is a very useful tool for both instructors and students, helping them to teach and learn Hebrew verbs (stem, form, root group), and enables students to read verbs in context and soundly interpret them. Throughout Hinneh, volumes I and II (the paperback edition or e-book), and as they progress through the program, instructors are advised to present the verb stem paradigms, printed on sheets of different colors, while the students manually highlight verbs in the different root groups in the fully conjugated lists of frequently occurring verbs, following an assigned color scheme. Students have found this color coding method highly successful when internalizing the complexity of the material.

We are happy to announce that the Hinneh e-Book edition has now been updated to include the NEW e-Tool Box, which integrates the color coded verb tools. For examples, please click on the following links to see samples of a stem paradigm and of a frequently occurring verb list. Color is also used in the new e-Tool Box to distinguish between the singular and the plural in the noun list, as well as between the singular-like and the plural-like in the preposition list. Moreover, from now on, this NEW color e-Tool Box may be purchased as a separate product!

Teachers and students already following the Hinneh program, using the paperback or electronic editions will be able to enhance their teaching/learning experience with the new, multicolored, visual e-Tools projected on their classroom screen or on their own personal computer.
Teachers and students not subscribed to the Hinneh program also have a chance to benefit from this solid, rich resource (please click to see Table of Contents).  The color e-Tool Box can surely support, and significantly enhance any introductory Biblical Hebrew program used. Others depending on Hinneh as a reliable reference for review and consultation (Hebrew Bible teachers, Modern Hebrew teachers in elementary schools and high schools, library patrons, rabbis, clerics or laypeople in their congregations), would surely appreciate the detailed and accessible grammatical picture painted by the new Hinneh color e-Tool Box. The new color edition of the electronic Tool Box can be purchased either as part of the full Hinneh e-Book separately as the Hinneh e-Tool Box.

For more on presentation of the verb system in Hinneh program, please see Realistic and Effective Practice and Assessment System for the Biblical Hebrew Introductory Course (scroll down to pages139-143) and Presentation of the Hebrew Verb System in the Classroom.