Institutional Membership

You are invited to join a growing roster of similar programs in supporting the activities of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH) by becoming an Institutional Member. Institutional membership fees serve to ensure the viability of the annual NAPH International Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture. The NAPH conferences constitute the most significant annual event in the intellectual and professional life of our academic community. They are attended by scholars, instructors, and advanced graduate students from North America, Israel and Europe.

The continuing success of the NAPH conferences would not have been possible without the support of our institutional members, who are listed as co-sponsors in the conference program.

Institutional Membership benefits include:

  • Office copies of the scholarly journal Hebrew Studies upon request
  • Acknowledgement as a conference co-sponsor in the annual conference program book and as an Institutional Member on the NAPH website
  • A gratis full-page advertisement in the Conference Program Book due June 1st of each year
  • Two complimentary registrations for the NAPH International Conference
  • Mailing labels of NAPH membership (2 sets per year, Excel format)

The annual Institutional Membership fee is $550.

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