Call for Papers: (SBL 2021)


Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew - Call for Papers San Antonio SBL 2021
SBL Annual Meeting, San-Antonio 2021. The Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew seminar solicits papers for four sessions:

The FIRST SESSION is non-thematic / open. We invite papers that address the study of Biblical Hebrew using a well-articulated linguistic theory and/or apply linguistics to particular Biblical Hebrew constructions or corpuses.

The SECOND SESSION is a thematic session entitled “Argument Alignment in Biblical Hebrew.” Biblical Hebrew is commonly viewed as a ‘nominative–accusative’ language, but various constructions have been characterized as ‘non-canonical’ subjects. The verbal stem (binyan) system also contributes to syntactic diversity. We invite papers on these and related topics in ancient Hebrew, including, but not limited to, differential argument marking, argument alteration, omission, types of subject, complementation.

The THIRD SESSION, co-sponsored with the Masoretic Studies section is entitled “Developments in Ancient Hebrew Traditions: Between Natural and Deliberate Change.” The various traditions of ancient Hebrew show evidence of historical development. Many innovations likely reflect spontaneous development representative of natural language use. Others bear the hallmarks of considered and intentional interventions. We invite contributions focused on linguistic development in the Masoretic transmission of Biblical Hebrew and in Samaritan tradition from the perspective of the continuum of natural versus deliberate change, treating features on various levels of the language, e.g., phonology and vocalization, morphology, syntax, semantics, and prosody (accentual systems).

The FOURTH SESSION is a joint open session with NAPH, entitled “Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew.” Papers that address the study of Biblical Hebrew using a well-articulated linguistic method are welcome, and those that apply linguistics to particular Biblical Hebrew constructions or corpuses are especially encouraged.

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2021 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Canterbury, England)  
Meeting Begins: 7/25/2021
Meeting Ends: 7/29/2021 

Biblical Hebrew Language and Linguistics
This unit focuses on Biblical Hebrew language and linguistics. We welcome papers on all aspects of Biblical Hebrew, such as grammar, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, linguistic theory etc. We are also interested in papers that emphasize the contribution of the analysis of Biblical Hebrew to the understanding of the biblical text and exemplify the importance of linguistic analysis as an exegetical tool.
Call For Papers: We invite paper proposals for one open session on any topic pertaining to Biblical Hebrew, and for two thematic sessions. Thematic Session 1: “Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew and Its Impact on Interpretation.” Many interpretive matters in the Hebrew Scriptures hinge on linguistic analyses of various sorts. We welcome papers that investigate the interpretive implications of such analyses and exemplify the interrelation between biblical interpretation and linguistic analysis of Biblical Hebrew. Thematic Session 2: “The Study of Biblical Hebrew in Light of the World’s Languages.” Typological approaches to the study of languages have shed significant light on Biblical Hebrew. We welcome papers that investigate features of Biblical Hebrew within a contemporary typological framework. 
Call for Papers Opens: 11/4/2020
Call for Papers Closes: 1/26/2021
For more information, contact the co-chairs: Matthew Anstey (, Cynthia Miller-Naude ( and Nili Samet (