The National Association of Professors of Hebrew sponsors several program units at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The sessions serve to facilate discussion of the biblical text.

The upcoming Annual Meeting will take place in Boston, MA, November 18-21, 2017.

  • To view the program units scheduled for the upcoming Annual Meeting, please see units below or click here and search for "National Association of Professors of Hebrew".

NAPH is sponsoring five sessions and two co-sponsored sessions.

  • I. Annual Meeting of Officers and Members
  • II, Theme, “Shema in the Synoptic Gospels.” Hermeneutical and theology papers are invited to explicate differences in the wording of, believing in, and doing “The Great Commandment."
  • III, Theme: "Constructive Engagement Between Diverse Approaches to the Formation of the Pentateuch." Wellhausen's classical Documentary Hypothesis, still presented in most textbooks, addresses both literary and historical matters. It has been challenged by two groups of scholars: those who have developed a Neo-Documentarian approach and those who have developed a Transmission-Historical approach. Scholars from each group will present, analyze, and discuss some major disagreements that could lead to a partial, constructive synthesis of their approaches.
  • IV. The Biblical and Rabbinic Literature session is to be held jointly with the SBL Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures Section. It is open to all papers on Biblical and Rabbinic Literature. Preferred papers include those on theophany, especially those concerned with visionary experience of G-d.
  • V.Theme: “Indebted to a Master: A Session in Honor of Stephen A. Kaufman” on the occasion of the publication of “Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?” A Grammatical Tribute to Professor Stephen A. Kaufman.”
  • VI. Methodology Session: A review of the "communicative" method and grammar for elementary biblical Hebrew.
  • VII, NAPH and Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew Session. Papers are invited for a joint non-thematic/open session with the Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew Seminar of SBL entitled “Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew.” Papers are invited that address the study of Biblical Hebrew using a well-articulated linguistic method are welcome, and those that apply linguistics to particular Biblical Hebrew constructions or corpuses are especially encouraged. Contact: Jacobus Naudé (

The National Association of Professors of Hebrew is an Affiliate of the SBL. For additional information on the NAPH sessions, please contact the program unit chair, Zev Garber.